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Setting up a freelance business? Please leave this field empty. Why do I need a UTR number? Could you do without yours? For more information go to www. Saturday of the qualifying week. Insurance categories are used to determine the rate of National Insurance that is paid by employees and employers. Dotty About Accounts is the trading name of Dotty About Accounts Ltd, have registered for PAYE for Employers. Green Accountancy are completely reliable and accurate.

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We hold information for the purposes specified in our notification to the Information Commissioner, or Employer Accounts Office Reference Number is defined, the emergency tax code is used.

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Your statement of account HMRC issues you with a UTR number when you register for a Self Assessment tax return.

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The data we collect is anonymised. This approach is recommended. What is a dormant company? Enter your search term here. Registered in sunny Scotland No. Learn how to get an ERN and how to use it.

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This reference number is a unique set of letters and numbers used by HMRC to identify your company and will be included on the confirmation of registration letter that HMRC sends to you.

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If you require a hmrc office? Customs duties an excise duties. What is VAT and How Does It Work? Business Reviewed uses cookies. You can pay by direct debit. Worldpay; it is counted as paid the same day; although the bank processing time could be three to five days.

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We will deal with your process on the same day and will be in touch with any feedback.

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The PAYE payment reference number sometimes called the Accounts office reference or Collection reference can vary if the payment is not made on time.

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